Music & Entertainment

There are various options as to entertainment for you and your guests. You can either:

• Hire one of our great DJs for an additional cost. Price may vary on the DJ and according to the duration you wish the DJ to play for, yet it is a minimum of £85, which would have to be paid in cash, two weeks prior to your event and will be non-refundable if you decide to cancel (this is due to the DJ booking out his time, preventing him from DJ-ing elsewhere). They will usually cater for all your music preferences. For more information about our refund policy please click here.

• Bring along all of your favourite CDs or iPod and just let them play!

• You may provide your own DJ on the understanding that any damage to our music system will be at your expense and we will expect you to pay for it to be mended and returned to its full working order. Once your DJ finishes the set, everything must be put back to its original state at the end of your event.

• If you required a band/live music you will be expected to provide them alongside a PA system, any sound people and be responsible for the setup of the equipment & packing it away again.

• Alternatively, we could play our own CDs.



Ever fancied a private space for you and your guests to sing to your hearts content... Why not have a night of Karaoke!


For a minimum of £100 we can provide you with a Karaoke event. We will set up all of the equipment, including over 15,000 songs to choose from (our list's are updated regularly) and provide you with a host for the evening.


Additional Perks of Hiring

Personalise your special occasion


You may decorate the bar for your event i.e with balloons/banners etc as long as due care is taken to prevent any damage/destruction to the premises. You can provide food/buffet for your guests as we can provide some trestle tables & table cloths. The food/the handling of the food will be solely your responsibility. We have a DVD player which projects onto the wall. This could be used to enhance your event, such as playing music videos or even footage of the birthday boy/girl's embarrassing growing up years!